Quantifeel™ Software

Pinpoint the root cause of damage and defects

QuantifeelTM software uses a specialized algorithm to analyze 1000s of data points from your SmartSkin drone and instantly visualizes the pressure, shock and motion data so you can see exactly where damaging forces occur along your line.

With accurate, quantitative data, you can compare container handling performance across machines, container formats, and equipment settings for faster setup and shorter investigations.

Tablet with SmartSkin's Quantifeel Analyzer software showing a pressure and shock chart and related video footage.

Quantifeel™ Analyzer

SmartSkin’s foundational software. This easy-to-use and simple-to-interpret visualization of your data allows you to quickly pinpoint the root cause of damage on your line by graphing pressure, shock and motion data and relating it to video footage of the drone on the line.

Quantifeel™Analyzer is the foundation for the Process Diagnostic solution.

Tablet with SmartSkin's Quantifeel software with line mapping capabilities showing a pressure line map with red areas indicating high risk areas and green areas in control.

Line Mapping Module

A powerful add-on to Quantifeel™ Analyzer, the Line Mapping Module gives you the ability to visualize pressure and shock data on a custom line map. Get a top-down view of your line and high-risk areas that need attention.

Quantifeel™ Analyzer with the Line Mapping Module is the foundation of SmartSkin’s Line Optimizer solution.

Tablet with Quantifeel Qualifier software showing a chart with control points for pressure data.

Quantifeel™ Qualifier

The latest in the software product suite, Quantifeel™ Qualifier allows you to determine optimal baseline settings and set thresholds to quickly confirm proper setup after maintenance and changeovers. Using a simple red/green report, you can quickly and easily validate machine set up.

This software is the foundation for the Equipment Qualification Solution.

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