A versatile drone and a smart platform.

Whether your business operates five production lines or 500, running anything from vials to cans and bottles, SmartSkin can help you diagnose the health of your line, reducing downtime and boosting profits by identifying otherwise invisible obstacles.

We provide world class support to both the Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage industries. With our solutions, the health of your lines will skyrocket, enabling unparalleled productivity.

Food and Beverage

Maximize productivity by discovering the data behind your containers journey, from empty bottle or can to shelf.


Save money and eliminate breakage or micro-fractures by incorporating award-winning technology into daily practices.


Reduce breakage

Our technology helps to reduce forces that damage containers

Reduce scuffing

Adjustments are proven to reduce visible scuffing and protect your investment in premium packaging

Minimize downtime

Experience accelerated line changes and installs

Lower maintenance costs

Pinpoint areas on the line that need to be addressed and confirm improvements

Increase efficiency

The variety of potential uses for the system all work toward the goal of improving efficiency and saving you money

Increase returnable lifecycle

Studies show that the returnable lifetime of glass bottles can be doubled by controlling line pressure

SmartSkin drone on a beverage production line

Data collection beyond compare

Our drones are customized to replicate any container size imaginable and built tough to gather data where it counts. Upon install, we’ll capture baseline analytics for your equipment and production line to ensure you’re able to compare data to past performance and industry standards.

Beverage plant worker inspecting bottles

Powerful analytics

An easy-to-use dashboard puts your entire line in your hands. Get a comprehensive view of what your product experiences on the line and plan for proactive maintenance, over-reactive maintenance.

Overhead view of a beverage production facility conveyor belt line

Seamless execution

The transition to using our products will be a seamless one. This easy adoption allows users to dive into resolving the largest pain points. Our technology will offer the potential to bring greater savings across the entire organization, with options for coordinated, multi-plant deployment – helping you become a champion of innovation.

Start your productivity improvement process today

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It might be that you have bruises, chips and scratches on the vial surfaces but you don’t know exactly where in the procedure this happens. That’s why we decided to go with SmartSkin’s sensor-based drones to identify where within the process the damage was happening.”

Process Engineer, Multinational Healthcare Company


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