Quantifeel Qualifier

Identify high-risk areas for damage and defects, establish control limits and verify proper equipment setup before every run.

Instant process

control verification

Verify equipment and machine setup to confirm that your process is in control before production begins.

SmartSkin’s Equipment Qualification Solution allows you to identify critical areas on the line, establish control limits based on optimal baseline data, and confirm that container handling is in control before production runs.

Eliminate trial and error troubleshooting and relying on visual inspections to confirm proper setup – get instant confirmation that your packaging line is in control.

Tablet with a list of control points and green check marks indicating process in control

Frequently asked questions

Assess. Troubleshoot. Verify.

Tailored for engineering and operations teams, Quantifeel™ Qualifier Solution allows you to set limits for critical line segments so technicians and operators can instantly verify machine setup and resolve issues before production begins.

Establish optimal baselines and control limits and then run your SmartSkin drone alongside your glass containers before every production run. The provided tablet with our pre-installed software will instantly notify you of issues so you can troubleshoot on the spot.

Ensure optimal container handling for every run.

SmartSkin’s Equipment Qualification solution allows you to identify critical areas on the line, baseline the pressure and shock data for optimal container handling through those areas, and set up control charts with limits around force data. With these control charts set up, any engineer or line technician can run the drone through the line segment and instantly verify if the equipment is set up optimally or requires further adjustment.

Get a pair of standard drones designed to match the size and shape of your production containers and Quantifeel™ Qualifier software pre-installed on a tablet to start collecting force data immediately.

SmartSkin’s Equipment Qualification solution is designed to help you accelerate changeovers and set up so you can reduce downtime, and prevent container handling issues and breakage. With control charts for pressure and shock data, you can instantly see whether your container handling performance is optimized.

One pair of standard-sized drones is included in the Equipment Qualification solution. For general container handling issues, use our sidewall pressure drones available in vial, syringe, ampoule, and cartridge formats. For capping machine troubleshooting and optimization, use our latest vial or cartridge Seal Force Drones to assess top load forces and seal tightness.

If you have a unique container format, contact us to learn more about custom drone development services.

Our patented SmartSkin drones use 100s of surface sensors and internal sensors to precisely measure the surface pressure, shock, tilt, spin, and rotation that your containers experience on the line.

Specialty drones include our latest vial and cartridge Seal Force Drones which measure the top load force, seal tightness, shock, and motion.

The Equipment Qualification solution includes a ready-to-use tablet with our Quantifeel™ Qualifier software pre-installed. Once the drone is paired, simpy place it on the line alongside empty or water-filled containers and watch the force data as it’s recorded and graphed in real time.


Run the drone through the line segment or machine approximately 10-15 times to establish a baseline dataset. Pressure and shock limits can be set automatically based on standard control charting principles, or manually based on equipment knowledge and performance goals.

Once limits are set, engineers or line technicians only need to run the drone through the line segment once to assess container handling performance and will be notified if any forces fall outside of the acceptable range.



Identify critical areas

Pinpoint critical, high-risk areas and machine control points on your line to proactively monitor during changeovers.

Create control charts

Set specification limits based on optimal pressure and shock baselines and create control charts for each critical area.

Verify changes

Instantly see which control points are out of control and verify changes after troubleshooting activities and changeovers.

When every MINUTE counts

Don’t hold your team or products back

Production technician walking along a filling line holding a tablet.

We know that unplanned downtime and time-consuming investigations hurt your bottom line and can even affect patient care.

Making sure your line is set up for optimal container handling before production begins can help you avoid glass breakage, damage and equipment issues, so you can keep your line running at maximum speed.

With SmartSkin’s Equipment Qualification Solution, you can be confident that your machines are set up correctly—every time.


SmartSkin Drones

Your production line from your containers’ perspective

SmartSkin drones run on your line alongside empty or water-filled production containers during maintenance, changeovers, and setup activities.

All drones are designed to match your containers’ specifications, so you can get accurate, actionable insights from every part of the production line.

Have a unique container format or production challenge that you’d like to address? Contact us to learn about our custom and specialty drone development services.

Group of pharmaceutical drones with two vials, one syringe and one cartridge.


See exactly when and where to act

Screenshot of Quantifeel Qualifier software with control charts and in control notifications

Quantifeel Qualifier software is the ultimate when it comes to actionable insights and proactive risk mitigation. After just a few runs of baseline testing, you can set up control charts and optimal limits for each critical area on your line to quickly verify proper machine setup before every run.

Pre-installed on a provided tablet, Quantifeel™ Qualifier collects the pressure, shock, and motion data from your SmartSkin drone as it traverses the line and lets you know when and where damaging forces are impacting your products.


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