Solution Suites

Troubleshoot glass damage, accelerate equipment qualification and optimize line performance with specially designed solution suites to address your most pressing manufacturing challenges.


Immediate line issue or breakage event?

SmartSkin’s Process Diagnostic solution – included in all premium solution suites – allows you to get started right away with standard drones and basic Quantifeel™ Analyzer software. Accelerate troubleshooting and root cause investigations, so you can get your line running optimally again.

Chart pressure, shock and motion data

Capture video synced with force data

See where forces impact containers

Tablet with Quantifeel Analyzer software showing pressure and shock charts, video footage, and vial pressure map with a syringe and vial drone.


SmartSkin vial and syringe drone with a small black case, and computer screen with a pressure line map.

Line Optimization

Optimize overall line performance with line mapping capabilities and on-site technical support.


   Map pressure and shock data across the entire line.

   Identify critical areas of concern for proactive risk mitigation.

   Support continuous improvement and CAPA activities.

Equipment Qualification

Determine optimal baselines and confirm proper equipment setup with custom control charts.


   Identify optimal baseline ranges and set limits for key force data.

   Set up control charts for critical line segments and machines.

   Establish SOPs for routine changeovers and equipment setup.

Two Seal Force Drones with a tablet and case

Seal Assurance

Measure top load forces and seal tightness to optimize capping operations.


   Measure top load force, seal tightness, shock and motion.

   Use multi-drone fleets to assess each capping head.

   Monitor seal tightness for up to 1 week after crimping to study relaxation.

“Smart, easy to use, and we can use it very quickly on all processes without a big change.”

Production Engineer, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, France

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SmartSkin Drones

Wireless sensors designed for your production line.

SmartSkin drones are designed to match your container’s exact specifications. With vial, syringe, ampoule and cartridge formats readily available, you can get accurate, actionable insights from every part of the production line.

Drones run on the line alongside empty or water-filled production containers and measure sidewall pressure, shock, tilt, spin and rotation, so you can see exactly what your containers experience in real time.

Group of red and black vial drones


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