Protect container integrity across the entire filling and packaging process to run at maximum speed while maintaining the highest quality standard.


The only productivity solution that

quantifies your container’s experience.

SmartSkin Technologies’ solution combines innovative drone sensors and data analytics to provide pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturers with actionable data that helps them improve productivity and save valuable time when it counts.

Our easy-to-use product suite includes sensor-enabled replica containers that allow you to assess exactly what forces your containers experience during filling, packaging and transportation processes. Instantly identify and remediate issues with line setup and machine settings to optimize productivity, reduce downtime, and minimize the risk of product defects and quality issues.

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Food and Beverage

Improve overall equipment effectiveness by reducing breakage, leaks, waste and damage, all while gathering customized data measurement solutions and reinventing maintenance processes – without shaking the foundation.

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Pharma Manufacturing

With technology that is trusted by 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers and CMOs, our easy-to-implement solutions help to eliminate glass damage, optimize line setup, and protect container integrity across aseptic fill-finish and packaging lines.

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Technology built for your environment

Get a complete overview of your packaging line health at a glance. Our technology is built for your environment, allowing you to quickly and easily pinpoint problem areas on your packaging line and present information in a powerful and accessible way.

Whether you want to see your historical line performance for better managerial decisions, compare your line to a generated industry standard, diagnose issues within machines that are otherwise unknown, or improve your overall product quality, we can get you started.

“The damage that was done from an incident last night, without SmartSkin, would’ve taken approx. 2 weeks to fix, and costed between $200,000 to $300,000, so the ROI is there, absolutely.”

Plant Manager, Global Soft Drink Company

“With SmartSkin we’re able to reduce glass defects, correct unexpected line behaviour across our fill-finish lines and enhance our team’s process knowledge and mastery.”

Validation Consultant, Global Vaccine Manufacturer


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