Food and Beverage

Maximizing efficiency in harsh bottling and canning circumstances requires a tool designed to not only withstand the environment of your line, but to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes to ensure every unit meets top standards.

From blueprint to reality, our actionable analytics and line mapping support your goals to maximize productivity, reduce costly downtime and protect your investment in high-quality packaging and materials.

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Our patented technology zeros in on all of your previous blind-spots.

Running your line at full speed is the only way to capture realistic data of what your product experiences. And when critical, damaging events occur, costs are measured in time. Having the right tool at the right time is crucial to understanding the problem as quickly as possible so your maintenance teams can resume production, back to full speed.

Unplanned downtime just isn’t an option.

We can extend the lifecycle of your equipment by reducing the frequency of breakdowns and micro-stops or extended outages. The SmartSkin drone can take the guesswork out of new rail alignment and calibration, to protect the inner workings of your company’s assets.

And we’ll provide ongoing best practices to keep your team on schedule.

We know it’s necessary to provide an efficient way to obtain accurate data leading to permanent solutions. Our most qualified experts are more than willing to offer you credible insight into how we can help in times of crisis.

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Food and Beverage benefits

Improve overall equipment effectiveness

Pinpoint damaging events across transforming and logistical processes

Maximize your machine’s capabilities and employee productivity

Eliminate hidden leaks and destroyed pallets before they leave the factory

Enhance your environmental impact and meet your annual goals with light-weight containers and a glass recycling program for a reduced carbon footprint

“The damage that was done from an incident last night, without Smart Skin, would’ve taken approx. 2 weeks to fix, and costed between $200,000 to $300,000, so the ROI is there, absolutely.”

Plant Manager, Global Soft Drink Company


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