identify the root cause of damage

Production Line Audit Services

Identify container handling issues and accelerate root-cause investigations.

With one of SmartSkin’s industry and product experts on-site, we can help you instantly pinpoint areas of the line where your products are subjected to damaging forces.

Leverage our sensor drones, visualization software, and industry expertise to quickly resolve issues and determine optimal equipment and machine setup so you can get your production line back up and running.

Production line audit service with SmartSkin technician placing a vial sensor drone on a conveyor with empty glass vials.

Line audit SERVICES

What’s included?

SmartSkin’s Line Audit services allow you to leverage our innovative drone sensors, Quantifeel™ software, and manufacturing expertise to identify the root cause of glass breakage, container damage, and unplanned downtime.

Accelerate investigations and determine optimal equipment settings to reduce the risk of future issues.

Commissioning new equipment? We offer FAT/SAT assessments so you can identify and resolve issues at the earliest stages of qualification.

Our technicians are machinery, production, and manufacturing experts from the pharmaceutical industry who will assess your line with our sensor drones and Quantifeel software. Get a complete visualization of the damaging forces (including pressure, shock, tilt, spin and rotation) that are impacting your products through conveyors, star wheels, filling, capping and crimping processes, and labelling.

Typically, equipment can be assessed and optimized within 1-2 days, however, we are happy to support longer projects, so you can ensure that your equipment is performing at its best.

Our Technicians come prepared with our patented SmartSkin drones designed to match the exact shape and size of your vials, cartridges, syringes, or ampoules.

Get an accurate representation of what your products experience during production – from sidewall pressure and shock, to tilt, spin, and rotation, or top load and sealing forces for vials and cartridges through stoppering, capping and crimping processes.

Standard sizes are available within 1-2 weeks. Custom sizes/formats can be available within 3-4 weeks.

Along with the required sensor drones, SmartSkin Technicians will come prepared with a tablet and our Quantifeel™ software to capture the data in real-time.

Map the damaging forces, pinpoint areas of concern, resolve issues, and establish optimal equipment settings to prevent product damage.

With machinery and equipment expertise, our Technicians will help you troubleshoot issues on the spot and re-run the drones to confirm that issues have been resolved.

After all issues have been resolved and your equipment is set up for optimal performance, baselines are established for key force parameters.

The Assessment Report will detail all issues addressed during the on-site assessment, high-risk areas identified and troubleshooting measures taken, as well as baseline data and control charts that can be used for reference during future troubleshooting and optimization projects.

If you decide to implement SmartSkin’s technology on-site after the line audit for regular troubleshooting and to confirm proper setup during changeovers and maintenance, 50% of the service fees paid will be allocated towards your annual subscription*.

*Annual subscription must be purchased within 60 days of the services provided to receive the discount equal to 50% of the service fees paid.

Key Features

Accelerate investigations

Resolve quality issues and accelerate investigations with instant insight into the damaging forces on your line.

Visualize damaging forces

See exactly where pressure, shock, and excessive spin/tilt/rotation are impacting your containers and drug products.

Determine optimal settings

Identify optimal equipment settings to accelerate changeovers and reduce the risk of quality issues and unplanned downtime.

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Optimal container handling performance after every change-over

Production technician walking along a filling line holding a tablet.

Continue to leverage SmartSkin’s technology after our Line Audit service with an annual equipment rental.

With your equipment optimized and baselines established for critical areas – a system on-site will allow you to confirm proper setup after every changeover, prevent unplanned downtime and accelerate investigations and maintenance activities.


See exactly when and where to act.

Quantifeel Qualifier software is the ultimate when it comes to actionable insights and proactive risk mitigation. After just 10-20 runs of baseline testing, you can set up control charts and optimal limits for each critical area on your line to quickly confirm machine setup after troubleshooting, maintenance, and changeover activities.

With baselines established during equipment assessment services, Quantifeel™ Qualifier’s control charts instantly let you know when equipment control points are out of control.

Before each production run, simply run the drone 1-2 times on the line alongside empty or water-filled containers to get instant confirmation that your process is in control.

Screenshot of Quantifeel Qualifier software with control charts and in control notifications


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