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Leverage SmartSkin’s drones and expertise at any stage of manufacturing, from new equipment commissioning and FAT/SAT validation to routine continuous improvement activities and risk management in aging facilities.

SOLVE urgent GlASS DAMAGE issues

Line Audit Service

SmartSkin’s line auditing services allow you to quickly leverage our drones and expertise to help resolve urgent container handling and quality issues on your production line. With real-time insight into the damaging forces on your line, we can help you pinpoint and resolve issues in hours, not weeks.

Troubleshoot & resolve:

Glass breakage on filling & packaging lines

Scratching, scuffing and failed inspections

Capping and crimping machine issues

Tablet with Quantifeel Analyzer software showing pressure and shock charts, video footage, and vial pressure map with a syringe and vial drone.


FAT/SAT Support Services

A group of two pharmaceutical vials, and a syringe filled with drug products.

Undiscovered equipment issues can cost your plant a lot in time and money. With SmartSkin’s container handling assessment services, you can detect and resolve issues at the earliest stages of commissioning from equipment manufacturing to FAT and SAT.

Set your production site up for success and avoid costly delays with direct, real-time insight into process performance.

What is Included:

SmartSkin expert on-site for up to 2 days

Access to SmartSkin drones and software for use during the 2 days

Detailed report highlighting the critical areas identified, mitigation measures applied to resolve issues, and the recommended force limits for key line segments.

FEatured blog

The Heart of Equipment Qualification: Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

A SmartSkin Technician supporting at a Factory acceptance test for a new machine.

In the realm of manufacturing, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Ensuring that manufacturing equipment meets the highest standards is not just a best practice; it’s a critical necessity. At the core of this assurance lies Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

The FAT Journey: A Closer Look
  1. A Versatile Starting Point

FAT serves as a versatile starting point for equipment qualification. Even if a project foregoes other qualification activities, including FAT is often a prudent decision. Why? Because, if the primary risks associated with a piece of equipment revolve around budget and functionality, FAT might be the only qualification step needed…

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