Seal Assurance Suite

SmartSkin’s Seal Force Drones and Quantifeel™ Seal Assurance software are designed to provide instant insight into your capping and crimping operations.

Designed to match your container’s exact specifications, seal force drones run alongside empty or water-filled production containers through your capping and crimping equipment to measure the top load force and sealing forces applied at every stage. Like our standard pressure drones, seal force drones also measure shock, spin, tilt, and rotation – so you can see exactly what your containers experience across the entire process.


Seal Assurance Solution suite with two seal force drones, a tablet and black case

Frequently asked questions

Assess. Verify. Optimize

Get a unique look into the top load and sealing forces applied through capping and crimping machines.

Run a SmartSkin Seal Force drone alongside production containers and use the provided tablet with Quantifeel™ Seal Assurance software to collect top load, seal force, shock, and motion measurements through each capping head at production speeds.

See exactly what forces are applied to your containers through production and monitor the seal force for up to a week after crimping.

SmartSkin’s Seal Assurance solution is designed specifically to measure the top load and sealing forces applied through capping and crimping machines. Use a single drone to quickly assess top load, shock, and motion in real-time through the process, or run up to 16 drones simultaneously to verify the set up of each individual head in a multi-head capper machine.
Yes, Seal Force Drones are compatible with Quantifeel™ Analyzer and Quantifeel™ Qualifier software. Use a single Seal Force Drone anywhere in the process to measure the real-time top load and sealing forces.

To capture data from multiple drones in a single run, use Quantifeel™ Seal Assurance software to assess and visualize data from up to 16 drones simultaneously.

SmartSkin’s Seal Force Drones, available in vial and cartridge formats, measure the top load pressure experienced through the process and the seal force (the pressure exerted between the cap and bottom of the flange after crimping) for up to one week after crimping.

Like the standard pressure drones, Seal Force Drones also measure shock, tilt, spin and rotation, but do not have the sidewall pressure sensing skin.

In addition to optimizing capping and crimping machine set up, Seal Force Drones help you assess container handling on the line and during manual processes.

Assess the top load pressure on vials and cartridges wherever trays are stacked; storage, lyo, warehouse handling, etc. Monitor the seal tightness for up to a week after crimping to profile stopper relaxation, and gain a deeper understanding of critical process parameters and their effect on container closure integrity.

We keep a selection of standard-sized SmartSkin Drones in inventory so you can get started in as little as two weeks. Already a SmartSkin customer? Simply contact us to add a Seal Force Drone to your subscription and use your existing tablet and Quantifeel™ Analyzer or Quantifeel™ Qualifier software to start collecting data in real-time.

If you’re interested in complete capper assessments for multi-head capping machines, the Seal Assurance Solution suite includes 1 drone for each capper head and a ready-to-use tablet with our specialized Quantifeel™ Seal Assurance software pre-installed. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the software to connect the fleet of drones and run them through the process. The software will process and visualize the data so you can instantly verify capping machine and individual capper head set up – no manual data analysis or integrations required.


Enhance your CCI strategy

Assuring container closure integrity is a product life cycle journey.

SmartSkin’s Seal Assurance Solution supports you through every stage by giving you unique insight into the top load and sealing forces your containers experience through the packaging process. Develop a better understanding of capping and crimping equipment, identify risk areas, and study how process variability affects your container closure system so you can help ensure that drug products remain protected long after they leave your line.

Key Features

Multiple vial icons

Multi-drone fleet

Run multiple Seal Force Drones through your machine simultaneously to compare the forces applied by individual capping heads.

Automated reports

Eliminate manual data analysis. As soon as the run is complete view the automated charts and reports to verify consistency and identify issues, on-the-spot.

Fast setup

No baselining or integrations required. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the provided tablet to connect the drones and start collecting data.


Leverage individual or fleets of Seal Force Drones to investigate and optimize stoppering, capping, crimping, stacking and warehouse handling processes.

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Genesis Packaging Technologies

Genesis Packaging Technologies offers advanced vial sealing equipment for the packaging of critical injectable pharmaceutical products as well as specialized Residual Seal Force testing equipment.

As an authorized SmartSkin reseller, Genesis’ vial handling expertise and leading-edge manufacturing equipment paired with SmartSkin’s Seal Tightness technology is the perfect combination to help you meet Annex 1 regulations and enhance your seal assurance strategy.

Genesis Packaging Technologies capping machine


Real-time top load and seal tightness measurements.

SmartSkin’s Seal Force drones run on your line alongside empty or water-filled production containers through capping and crimping machines. All drones are designed to match your containers’ exact specifications, so you can get accurate, reliable data on the top load and sealing forces applied through the process and beyond.

Use a single drone, or an entire fleet, to measure the top load force applied by each capping head, sealing forces applied through crimping, shock, tilt, and rotation through the entire process, and seal tightness for up to one week after crimping.


SmartSkin technology featuring two black vial seal force drones.


Actionable insights for complete capping optimization.

QuantifeelTM Seal Assurance software comes pre-installed on a provided tablet and runs in conjunction with your SmartSkin drone as it traverses the line. No lengthy IT setup or equipment integrations are required. Use the tablet, or an iOS device, with the software to collect and analyze force data from a single drone or a fleet to simultaneously measure each capping head.

QuantifeelTM uses a specialized algorithm to analyze 1000s of data points and provides you with real-time top load measurements through the process and sealing force measurements for up to one week after crimping so you can identify and optimize the critical parameters within your capping and crimping machine.


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