Process diagnostic solution

Identify the root cause of container damage.

Think of this as your emergency kit. SmartSkin’s Process Diagnostic suite gives your team a powerful tool to speed up troubleshooting and investigations.

Identify the root cause of glass damage in as little as 20 minutes from when it’s first spotted. Whether you are investigating abrasion damage from accumulation tables, scuffing and scratching from guardrails, particulate generation, or breakage and fractures, the Process Diagnostic solution is your secret weapon.

Simply turn on your SmartSkin drone, run it in-line with empty or water-filled production containers, and use Quantifeel™ Analyzer software to pinpoint where damage is occurring on the line.

Tablet with Quantifeel Analyzer software showing container damage on a vial with video recording in top right and graph along the bottom. A syringe and vial drone stand beside the screen.

Frequently asked questions

Identify. Troubleshoot. Verify.

Tailored for maintenance and operations professionals, the Process Diagnostic solution allows you to get insight into your line as soon as you receive the kit.

Run your SmartSkin drone alongside production containers and use the provided tablet with Quantifeel™ Analyzer to start collecting real-time pressure, shock, and motion data paired with video footage.

See exactly what your containers experience on the line at every stage of production and quickly resolve container handling issues.

SmartSkin’s Process Diagnostic solution is our base solution designed for troubleshooting, maintenance activities, and root cause investigations.

Included with all premium solution suites, Process Diagnostic allows you to put the system to use as soon as you receive the kit. Get a pair of standard drones designed to match the size and shape of your production containers and basic Quantifeel™ Analyzer software pre-installed on a tablet to start collecting force data immediately.

SmartSkin’s Process Diagnostic solution is designed specifically to help you resolve urgent container handling issues, breakage events, and unplanned downtime. With no need for on-site support, baselining, or intensive data analysis, you can put the system to use on day 1 to help resolve critical issues and get your line back up and running.

Our patented SmartSkin drones use 100s of surface sensors and internal sensors to precisely measure the surface pressure, shock, tilt, spin, and rotation that your containers experience on the line.

Specialty drones include our latest vial and cartridge Seal Force Drones which measure the top load force, seal tightness, shock, and motion.

One pair of standard sized drones are included in the Process Diagnostic solution. For general container handling issues, leverage the sidewall pressure drones available in vial, syringe, ampoule, and cartridge formats. For capping machine troubleshooting, use our latest vial or cartridge Seal Force Drones to assess top load forces and seal tightness.

If you have a unique container format, contact us to learn more about custom drone development services.

The Process Diagnostic solution includes a ready-to-use tablet with our basic Quantifeel™ Analyzer software pre-installed. Once the drone is paired, simply add it to the line and watch the force data as it’s recorded and graphed in real-time.

Follow the drone along the line to capture paired video footage, so you can see exactly what was happening during pressure and shock peaks.

Key Features

Fast setup

Ready out of the box. No baselining, IT, or on-site support required. Simply turn on the drone, auto-connect to the provided tablet and you’re ready to start collecting data.


Use the system anywhere your containers run; conveyors, accumulation tables, filling, stoppering, capping, crimping, stacking and storage, and warehouse handling.

Real-time data

Capture real-time pressure, shock, tilt, rotation and spin data. View live or historical data to pinpoint the exact location and magnitude of the damaging forces impacting your containers.

Video capture

Video of the drone captured with the software is synced automatically with force data so you can see exactly what was happening when pressure and shocks are detected.

When every dose counts

Find the root cause of damage – fast.

A broken amber ampoule showing container damage with drug product spilling.

We don’t need to tell you that unplanned downtime and running below capacity can hurt both your bottom line and patient care. Don’t let lengthy root-cause investigations hold you – or your products – back.

SmartSkin Diagnostic helps you quickly pinpoint the root cause of scuffing, scratches, fractures and breakage, allowing you to make right adjustments and verify changes on the spot, so you can get back up and running, fast.

Because every dose counts.

SmartSkin Drones

Smart containers. Smarter insights.

SmartSkin Drones run on your line alongside empty or water-filled production containers during maintenance, changeovers, and setup activities.

All drones are designed to match your container’s specifications, so you can get accurate, actionable insights from every part of the production line.

Have a unique container format or production challenge that you’d like to address? Contact us to learn about our custom and specialty drone development services.

Group of black and red pharmaceutical vial drones.

QuantifeelTM Analyzer

Bringing your data to life.

Tablet with Quantifeel Analyzer software showing pressure chart, video footage and pressure map identifying container damage.

Quantifeel Analyzer software comes pre-installed on a provided tablet and runs in conjunction with your SmartSkin Drone as it traverses the line. No lengthy IT setup or equipment integrations are required. Use the tablet and software offline to collect and analyze data locally, or sync your data to the Cloud to share results with other personnel and access data remotely.

Quantifeel™ uses a specialized algorithm to analyze 1000’s of data points and hone in on the exact moment (within fractions of a second) where adverse forces occur. Video footage paired with force data allows you to see the exact location of the drone and position of the equipment when pressure and shock peaks are detected.


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