Improve container
handling performance.

Ideal for plants that want to benchmark their entire production line and proactively mitigate quality and production risks.

Our Line Optimization Solution builds upon the power of SmartSkin Diagnostic by adding the ability to visualize your entire line through custom line maps. View trends and identify hotspots before issues occur or pinpoint the root cause of breakage and scratches.

Run your SmartSkin drone in line with empty or water-filled production containers before production runs or during downtime and maintenance, and let Quantifeel™ Analyzer show you exactly where to focus your investigation or continuous improvement efforts.

Tablet with Quantifeel Analyzer software showing a line map of pressure and shock data, with a vial drone and SmartSkin case.

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Map. Trend. Optimize.

Assessing container handling performance and pinpointing the root cause of recurring issues can be challenging.

SmartSkin changes the game by providing your team with a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly tool that measures the pressure, shock, and motion your containers experience on the line. Our line mapping feature lets you quickly visualize hotspots and track changes over time. Get a top-down look at container handling performance across your line to prevent quality and production issues.

SmartSkin’s Line Optimization solution builds on our basic Diagnostic solution and allows you to map the damaging forces across your line.

Relate pressure and shock data to your own custom line map to see a top-down view of your entire line’s container handling performance.

The Line Optimization solution suite includes a pair of standard drones designed to match the size and shape of your production containers, Quantifeel™ Analyzer software pre-installed on a tablet and on-site training and setup so you can get up and running quickly.

SmartSkin’s Line Optimization solution is designed for continuous improvement and preventative maintenance activities. Create tailored line maps to automatically visualize pressure and shock data so you can identify critical risk areas, monitor changes over time, and proactively plan risk mitigation and maintenance activities.

With the Line Optimization Solution, you also receive on-site training and setup with one of our industry experts so you can implement quickly.

Our patented SmartSkin drones use 100s of surface sensors and internal sensors to precisely measure the surface pressure, shock, tilt, spin, and rotation that your containers experience on the line.

Specialty drones include our latest vial and cartridge Seal Force Drones which measure the top load force, seal tightness, shock, and motion.

One pair of standard sized drones is included in the Line Optimization solution with the option to exchange throughout the subscription period as needed. For general container handling issues, leverage the sidewall pressure drones available in vial, syringe, ampoule, and cartridge formats. For capping machine troubleshooting, use our latest vial or cartridge Seal Force Drones to assess top load forces and seal tightness. Other specialty drone formats include the Tip & Flange Syringe Drone, Neck Sensor Vial Drone, and Auto-injector Pen Drone.

Contact us to learn more about the available drone formats, or ask about our custom drone development services.

We keep a selection of standard-sized SmartSkin Drones in inventory so you can get started in as little as two weeks. The Line Optimization Solution includes a ready-to-use tablet with our premium Quantifeel Analyzer software and line mapping module pre-installed. This solution suite also includes on-site training and setup to help you create accurate line maps, develop initial baselines, and get your team familiar with the technology.


Key Features

Line mapping

Map your entire line – from washing and filling to capping and storage. Pinpoint critical and high-risk areas so you can proactively mitigate production and quality risk, and plan preventative maintenance activities.

On-site support

Get on-site support and training from one of our industry and product experts. We’ll help you capture baseline data, pinpoint high-risk areas and train your team, so you can get up and running quickly.

Zero integration

No need to worry about software integration. Our solution suites include a prepared tablet with the software pre-installed, so you can connect to your drones and start capturing data on day one.

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Optimize line performance and yield.

A group of two pharmaceutical vials, and a syringe filled with drug products.

We know that unplanned downtime and quality events hurt not only your bottom line but can also affect patient care. Don’t let preventable issues slow you or your products down.

SmartSkin’s Line Optimization solution helps you quickly pinpoint high-risk areas for damage and supports you through line optimization and preventative maintenance projects.

SmartSkin Drones

Smart containers.
Actionable insights.

SmartSkin drones run on your line alongside empty or water-filled production containers during maintenance, changeovers, and setup activities.

All drones are designed to match your container’s specifications, so you can get accurate, actionable insights from every part of the production line.

Have a unique container format or production challenge that you’d like to address? Contact us to learn about our custom and specialty drone development services.

Group of pharma drones with a vial, cartridge and syringe and a line map illustrating forces behind.

QuantifeelTM Analyzer + LINE MAPPING

Visualize the damaging forces.

Tablet with a screenshot of a pressure and shock line map.

Measure and map the pressure and shock data for a top-down look at container handling performance across your line. Quantifeel™ Analyzer software comes pre-installed on a provided tablet, so you can quickly connect to your SmartSkin drone and start collecting data. Using a specialized algorithm to analyze 1000s of data points, Quantifeel™ pinpoints exactly where damaging forces occur. Use the system offline to collect and analyze data locally, or sync your data to the Cloud to share results and access data remotely.


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