Quantifeel Software

Actionable insights that quantify your containers experience.

QuantifeelTM uses a specialized algorithm to analyze 1000s of data points and hone in on the exact moment (within fractions of a second) that adverse forces occurred.

The video capture element provides visual validation of the location giving your team a specific location to focus their efforts on. Once adjustments have been made, simply run your SmartSkin Drone again to validate that damaging forces have been eliminated.

Quantifeel™ Analyzer

SmartSkin’s foundational software. This easy-to-use and simple-to-interpret visualization of your data allows you to quickly pinpoint the root cause of damage on your production line by graphing multiple points of data.

This software is the foundation for the SmartSkin Diagnostic solution.

Screenshot of a line map with green areas indicator good container handling and red indicating poor container handling performance.

Line Mapping Module

A powerful add-on to Quantifeel™ Analyzer, the Line Mapping Module gives you the ability to visualize your full line and easily identify and trend areas that need attention or are at risk of creating damage if not mitigated.

This module is the foundation for the Line Optimizer solution.

Quantifeel™ Qualifier

The latest in the software product suite, Quantifeel™ Qualifier allows users to set thresholds and create a baseline reading. Using a simple red/green report, producers can quickly and easily validate machine setup.

This software is the foundation for the Predictive Monitoring solution.

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