Testimonial from Jan Niewodniczanski, Bitburger brewery


"In April 2014 we implemented the Smart Skin Technologies Quantifeel System in our returnable bottle packaging lines in Bitburg brewery, headquarter of the Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH. We are convinced that this innovative technology will reduce breakage in our lines and increase our line efficiencies. More important for us, we see the opportunity offering our customers in the returnable segment our premium product in a packaging with visually improved quality.

Reducing scuffing on our customized premium bottles means not only improved quality but also pays into our sustainability strategy with economical and ecological benefits due to increased turnaround cycles.

After the successful evaluation of the implementation of the Quantifeel System in Bitburg we are planning a rollout with Smart Skin technology in all packaging lines of  Bitburger Brewing Group."

Jan Niewodniczanski, Managing Director of Production & Technology, Bitburger Brewing Group

About Smart Skin Technologies

Based in Fredericton, Canada, Smart Skin Technologies’ software solution provides bottling and packaging companies with precise, real-time measurement of pressure on production lines. This innovative technology has application across a wide range of industries. Companies in Europe South America and North America have deployed Smart Skin products in their operations. The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) named the company to its 2013 CIX Top 20. For more information visit www.smartskintech.com or www.smartskintech.de or follow @SmartSkinTech on Twitter.