Pinpointing Sources of Damage

Ian McKelvey

by Ian McKelvey

New features in the Quantifeel software allow you to quickly identify specific pressure points on your packaging line.

Smart Skin’s Quantifeel System provides a comprehensive picture of the pressures incurred on a packaging line by mapping and compounding several days worth of data collection.

The latest addition to the Quantifeel software is the ability to access the pressure maps for specific points on the line. This means that you can see exactly where your bottles or cans are being damaged on the line and what part of the containers are most affected.

If certain areas on the container are more sensitive to damage, then you can look at the data for those high pressure points on the drone. Alternatively, you may be seeing a particular defect during inspection and want to find the root cause of the damage.

In the past, you would have to look through the entire data set manually to try and locate which sections were putting pressure on the mid-wall. Now, you can quickly investigate each of the problem areas with a single touch.

To give a specific example, one of our customers found that the mid-wall of their cans were being damaged. Using Quantifeel’s line mapping capabilities, we were able to determine that one of the rails had bowed out and was putting undue pressure on the mid-wall of the cans.

Without Quantifeel’s ability to provide high-resolution pressure sensing, it would have been very difficult to identify this problem. With it, finding a solution was both simple and straightforward.