Pharma Manufacturing

Protect container integrity across aseptic fill finish processes and make sure every dose gets to where it’s needed most.

With container handling problems being a leading cause of unplanned downtime and product quality issues on pharmaceutical manufacturing lines, SmartSkin’s patented replica vials, syringes, and cartridges instantly measure and map the damaging forces across your processes.

Assess and mitigate risk areas, optimize machine settings, and accelerate troubleshooting and changeovers with instant data that shows you exactly what your containers experience at every stage of the process.

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Experience cost savings and safe handling across your facility.

Get unique insight into what your containers experience at every stage of manufacturing to better understand overall line performance and health. What can be measured, can be managed. And what can be managed, can be optimized.

Helping you optimize both productivity and quality is our ultimate goal – so you can get product to the people who need it the most, when they need it most.

SmartSkin Quantifeel setup on a tablet with samples of their pharmaceutical drones lined up in front

Benefits for Pharma Manufacturers

Prevent breakage, bruising and microfractures

Reduce unplanned downtime and accelerate line changeovers

Quickly find the root cause of container damage

Improve flow of product and OEE

Save money and maintain costs

Validate line improvements and new installations

“We were able to instantly pinpoint the root causes of several high pressure and shock areas along our filling lines, including starwheel misalignments, a guard rail misalignment, and incorrect conveyor settings.”

Consultant, Vial Filling and Finishing Line, Global Vaccine Manufacturer


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