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April 25-27

Javits Center, NYC

We hope you enjoyed Interphex 2023! SmartSkin’s Jose Mercado, Program Manager, discussed the use of SmartSkin’s pharmaceutical drones to identify critical risk areas in aseptic fill-finish and protect container integrity.

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Using Wireless Sensors to Identify Critical Areas and Mitigate Quality Risks in Aseptic Processing and Packaging

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Jose Mercado

Program Manager, SmartSkin

As the need for increased speed and flexibility continues to grow in pharmaceutical manufacturing, operations and engineering teams within primary packaging and fill-finish are facing increased pressure to improve efficiency and productivity. Material handling issues, damage to container integrity, and improper equipment setup can have disastrous effects on product quality and line productivity.

New wireless sensors now provide manufacturers the ability to map and analyze the pressure and physical impacts that their containers experience through washing, filling, capping, and secondary packaging processes. With hundreds of tests completed on commercial production lines, common high risks areas and mitigation strategies have been identified for fill-finish and primary and secondary packaging processes.

In this session, Jose Mercado, Program Manager with SmartSkin Technologies and previous Site Manager of Pfizer Puerto Rico, will discuss the use and implementation of the sensors in commercial production and explore the common risk areas, root causes, and risk mitigation strategies identified through the data.

April 26th, 1:15 PM | Stage 2

If you missed us at Interphex, please contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

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