Right. On Target.

Joel Richard

by Joel Richard

The gloss of unscuffed glass. The glint of an undented can. Your package is the literal touchpoint that your customers have with your product, an essential part of your brand. Delivering flawlessly on that brand promise is what puts you ahead of your competitors. That requires your line staff and line machinery to work cohesively together to put out optimal yield, while still maintaining the brand promise you’ve made to your customers. Quality.

In 2013, Smart Skin Technologies brought the Quantifeel™ sensor to the beverage industry. This system enabled line staff to gain unprecedented insight into the operation of line machinery by visualizing the pressure and motion that glass bottles and aluminum cans experience on the line. This system highlighted the problems that line staff needed to address, but it was missing positional data to tell the staff where their attention was needed, and where to focus their limited time and budget in order to improve line performance and ultimately improve the brand.

Now we are introducing our patent pending location tracking system. This new technology allows line staff to track the location of pressure hot spots using an intuitive display of pressure across your entire line. Once installed on the line, these tags integrate seamlessly with the sensor unit to include location information into the data stream that Quantifeel™ users are already familiar with. This empowers your line staff to spend their maintenance time and budget more wisely, and with a greater sense of awareness.

The new location tracking tags mean the Quantifeel™ System is now even easier to use. Simply drop the sensor onto an area of your packaging line, start recording, let it travel down the conveyor and remove it before a machine center. The location tags automatically embed position information into the data. In the past, the user needed to enter this information by manually tagging the data with conveyor and motor locations. These new Quantifeel™ developments mean that the user has one less thing to worry about, which makes collecting large samples of data quick and easy.

One of the toughest challenges with a manual flagging system is that the data is colored with human error. Different users will enter location data differently. This makes comparing one dataset to another virtually impossible. You couldn't reliably tell where your pressure hot spots are. With the new Quantifeel™ System, including locator tags, pressure data are accurately tagged with positioning data, making it repeatable and comparable. This means that you can get your data to work more intelligently for you. Trending and comparing pressure data over time means that when you collect more data, the picture of your packaging line becomes clearer.

Location information is enabling new and innovative ways to utilizing Quantifeel™ data, such as trending and advanced analytics, all designed to help you fulfill your brand promise to your customers without breaking the bank. Learn more at www.smartskintech.com