New Quantifeel Video Feature Gives You Greater Testing Power

Ian McKelvey

by Ian McKelvey

Every quarter Smart Skin releases updates to our Quantifeel software.  We are particularly excited about our release coming out next week. It allows you to capture video of your line’s running condition while data is being collected.

When the Quantifeel system is used to study a packaging line, the running condition of the line is crucial to interpreting the data. You expect a very different pressure profile from a backed up line versus one that is running smoothly. While annotations are often added to Quantifeel datasets to describe the line conditions, this has been limited to text.

At Smart Skin we see that users are often capturing video of the Quantifeel system in use so that they can play back the exact line situation during the time of the test. Since every new Quantifeel system ships with a tablet with a camera on the back, we are now natively incorporating video recording into the Quantifeel software.

In the next software release, we are offering video capture for all Quantifeel customers. You can now record and view video clips that are matched directly to the data you are collecting.

When you review the data you can immediately see what was happening on the line when it was collected. If you see a pressure spike, you can scroll to that spot on the video and see exactly what the drone was experiencing on the line at that moment.

Each data set is clearly marked with the segments that have video available to view. So you won’t have to take video of the entire run, just any points of interest. You can include as many video clips as you want, and if you want to use the clip later as part of a presentation, you can easily export it to an MP4 file.

Video capture has been frequently requested by our users, so we are excited to see how you will make use of this new feature. It will make it even easier to share Quantifeel results with colleagues, since you can immediately see the specific parts of the line that are being studied while you are examining the results.

To learn more about this feature or to schedule your software update, please contact us at