Smart Skin's Quantifeel technology is delivering cost savings and a greater degree of safe medicine handling for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

When delivering life-saving medicines from the manufacturing plant to the patient, it is of the utmost importance that the product arrives without damage that might harm the patient or render the drug ineffective. In the case of products filled into glass vials, it is paramount that manufacturers identify weak points and improper set points in the packaging line to prevent the occurrence of defects which may lead to a recall.

Should defects in the glass (such as scratches and bruises) be identified, the ability to immediately locate, isolate and take corrective action in the fastest manner possible is of the utmost importance. Quantifiable data is needed to prove that changes to the packaging line have corrected the problem and improved safe handling of the product.

Smart Skin Technologies' patented Quantifeel Quality Assurance Platform provides real-time monitoring of adverse forces affectings vials in parenteral filling, inspection and packaging lines.

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