Packaging Pressure Monitoring

Smart Skin Technologies provides a state-of-the-art system for measuring line pressure and 3D orientation in glass, can, PET, and many secondary and tertiary packaging lines. By embedding the Quantifeel™ sensor into a line, the dynamic effect of pressure and movement exerted on the device can be observed in real-time and analyzed to understand the effect operational parameters have on line performance, improving efficiency, reducing wastage and minimizing downtime.

Smart Skin Technologies Package Pressure Monitoring

Smart Skin
Quantifeel System

Quantifeel System German Implementations

Place a Quantifeel™ sensor connected wirelessly to a tablet PC into a running packaging line and watch as the pressure and orientation are recorded and displayed in real-time. Up to 1000 pressure sensors provide a complete picture of the location and extent of surface pressure in problem areas, and dynamic 3D orientation updated at 50 Hz shows you exactly what is happening to your products. An intuitive interface and one-click reporting function makes it easier than ever before to assess, understand, and act on the information quickly to reduce downtime and product failure.


3D orientation sensing uses open source algorithms licensed by x-io Technologies.

Determine Line Pressure to Reduce Waste

Determine Line Pressure to Reduce Waste
  • Reduce breakage
  • Reduce scuffing and abrasion
  • Increase lifetime of reusable containers
  • Reduce downtime
  • Speed up setup and changeover

The Smart Skin Quantifeel System is proven to reduce waste in packaging lines. Pressure monitoring inside running packaging lines handling bottles, cans and other containers results in increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime. The Quantifeel System has been shown to reduce scuffing and increase the lifetime of returnable containers. Regular use of the system results in efficient line changeovers and continued minimized waste, resulting in a return on investment in less than one year.

Smart Skin Technologies Package Pressure Monitoring