International FoodTec Award 2015

Smart Skin Awarded for Innovative Technology

March 24, 2015—Smart Skin Technologies Europe GmbH has been announced as a Silver Medal winner of the International FoodTec Award at Anuga FoodTec, the international trade fair for food and drink technology in Cologne.

The International FoodTec Awards are held every three years. The awards are presented by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society) in conjunction with other organizations and media partners. The awards are given for exemplary innovation projects in the international food industry and their suppliers.

Dr. Ing. Andreas Weideneneder, Smart Skin’s Executive VP Europe, highlighted the event as a “great opportunity and honourable IFTA ceremony with 250 guests from the international F&B branch and their suppliers. Smart Skin Technologies’ attendance and receiving the award just in our direct neighbourhood was a pleasure. We are proud of the visibility that the Quantifeel System is receiving in the international beverage world.”

The International FoodTec Award 2015 was presented in the form of gold and/or silver medals, recognising the successful implementation of innovative concepts in the European food industry and its suppliers in the following sectors:

• Process technology, including measurement and control
• Automation (increase in production efficiency)
• Packaging technology
• Environmental technology (developments reducing the demand for input resources and energy, durability)
• Biotechnology
• Process management including software solutions
• Logistics
• Food safety, security and quality management

The silver medals have been awarded for existing products that have undergone essential further development, thereby achieving either a significant improvement in function or the respective process.

Smart Skin Technologies’ team of experienced engineers in coordination with their customers have continued to develop and improve the Quantifeel System since its initial market release.

"This award is great recognition for the work we have done to help our customers improve their packaging efficiency. We are excited for the new developments that we will be implementing in 2015 in order to continue helping brand owners optimize their packaging lines,” said Dr. Ian McKelvey, Product Manager.

Smart Skin Technologies Europe GmbH would like to thank their customers and supporters for their ongoing success.